Kathryn Kelley

(406) 461-5412

About Kathryn

Kathryn combines her counseling practice with Eastern traditional healing arts and is certified in both EMDR and Spiritual Direction. Kathryn carefully and powerfully interweaves traditional therapy techniques with EMDR for the treatment of post-traumatic stress and somatic conditions. This highly effective approach is beneficial in enhancing performance abilities for athletes, artists and business leaders who are motivated to reach goals beyond their present competency.

She assists clients through grief, trauma, abuse, sexual, physical and verbal abuse, depression, anxiety and stress-related somatic conditions utilizing a blend of traditional and alternative therapeutic techniques. Deep relaxation audio CD’s are available to enhance and reinforce this work.
Further, Kathryn utilizes Sacred and Transpersonal Psychology, the Enneagram, dream analysis, the study of mysticism and the esoteric traditions to create a centered and safe environment for the individual to explore and grow in his or her own personal journey.

More information at: www.kelleyinstitute.com