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We offer classes for everyone, no matter ability, age, or experience because everyone deserves to belong and live their best life.

curvy yoga class


A fun and relaxed flow class is sequenced to minimize getting up and down from the ground. Props are used to make poses accessible so that everyone can enjoy themselves while working to build strength, flexibility, and balance.

Yoga Classes Helena, Montana
relaxation yoga class


Being able to fully relax is a skill that takes practice. To learn relaxation we practice with mudra, mantra, asana and some philosophy thrown in to loosen the attitudes. This class helps me remember what I need to keep at the forefront of my mind: when we remember relaxation everything flows effortlessly. In this class we will visit and revisit asanas that bring us nearer and nearer to complete relaxation.  We will learn the places we hold tension in the body with curiosity and practice being gentle with our release.

Relaxing Yoga Helena, Montana
gentle flow yoga class

 A gentle warm up leads into a flow style class, incorporating elements of somatics, hatha yoga, and yin practices for a well rounded class that will encourage you to find both strength and relaxation.

Helena Yoga Classes
Iyengar yoga class


This class focuses on moving into each asana (posture) with attention to alignment and breath.  Focusing on small details and breath control during each asana allows you to find balance in the body and mind while releasing stress.  Poses are mostly held (rather than flowing) to help build stamina and improve balance.  Props are used to help create poses that fits your body on any given day. 

Iyengar Yoga Helena
Restorative yoga class


Lovingly referred to as the class where we lay around on pillows for an hour, this class will encourage deep relaxation for both the body and the mind.  Poses are held for upwards of 5 minutes and are fully supported to allow the practitioner to truly relax into the pose.

Restorative Yoga Helena
core-focused hatha yoga class


The core is not just the belly, it's a set of interrelated and intertwined muscles that run along the inside of the entire body. It is the foundation of all healthy, stable movement and especially yoga practice. If we truly want to gain strength, flexibility, endurance then we will need to bring our practice to the inner, deeper and the outer muscles of the back, sides and stomach. In this class we do gentle practices that engage the entire core area progressively and then we deeply relax to enjoy the energy we have created.

Core Focused Hatha Yoga
slow and mindful yoga class


Take time just for you in this gentle and slow moving class, settle in to nourishing your body with a movement class that just simply feels good.

Slow And Mindful Yoga
somantic yoga class


Combining gentle somatic movement with a traditional yoga practice offers an accessible and introspective experience.  Students will build a connection with their body allowing them to find joy and comfort in the movement of their bodies.  Much of the class is done laying on the floor, then building towards bigger movements if desired.  Students will walk away feeling light and expansive in their own bodies.

Somantic Yoga Helena
trauma conscious yoga class


A challenging flow style class taught with a trauma informed lens, this class is all about empowerment.  Students will find a deep connection to their heart, their inner self.  The instructor will lead a flow class offering many options throughout to allow the practitioner to adjust the practice to what they desire, allowing them to be in charge of their own practice.  

Trauma Conscious Yoga
Relaxing Yoga Helena, Montana
Helena Massage
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