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Build your mind, and your body will follow!

~ Susan Blum, Empowered Journey HC

Meet Susan Blum!

Oh my gosh, you guys! I am so excited to share this one with you. My friend Susan Blum is a health coach and nutritionist here in Helena. She is amazing! And just for us she is sharing her healthy and YUMMY Gingerbread Pancake recipe. We thought maybe you would like it for your Christmas morning! I know I can't wait to try it. After some debate this morning, my tech guy and I decided it was easiest to put the recipe on the website so you can make the text any size that you need it. Here's the link! Enjoy! Light Gingerbread Pancake Recipe.

For more tips and encouragement, you can check out Susan's work here, or hit her up for a consultation. In case you are interested, she shared her story with me so I could pass it on. It's worth reading.

"Hello! I'm Susan Blum, founder and health and wellness coach of Empowered Journey. I’m passionate about health, nutrition, and encouraging others to live their best life! I live in beautiful Montana city with my youngest child and two long-haired dachshunds (Rommy & Sammy). Lastly, I'm a foodie! I love the challenge of taking comfort food recipes and transforming them into lighter, healthier and tasty versions.

"My goal is to empower others through the change process with emotional support, accountability, and encouragement. Partnering up with clients in a growth promoting relationship that increases internal motivation, confidence, visioning, and goal setting. Think, life coaching meets fitness/nutrition coaching.

"Mindset is 100% part of the process! It is vital to increase emotional growth which leads to long-term changes and confidence .Stress management and mindfulness techniques are also explored.

"My path into the health & wellness field began after some personal experiences. I grew up an overweight child and struggled with my weight for a little more than half of my life.

I finally found balance through a healthier lifestyle that was sustainable up until I had an adverse reaction to a prescription med. This health crisis that ensued in 2016 resulted in over 30+ debilitating symptoms, and time in a wheelchair

"As I gained some improvement over the years I vowed NEVER to take my health for granted again!! I slowly rebuilt what had been destroyed .

"Prior to the adverse reaction, I was pursuing my degree in psychology to become a mental health counselor. It wasn’t until I lost my own health that I became brutally aware of how vital it is to really thrive in all areas of life!

"I obtained my personal training & nutrition certifications through National Academy of Sports Medicine to gain more knowledge and be better qualified to help others. Combining this trifecta of psychology, fitness, and nutrition was the perfect combination to not only pursue my passions, but to help others transition to a healthier lifestyle. To truly become the best version of themselves!"

What an inspiration, right?! (pictures below)

I hope that this will help inspire you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, happiest and healthiest!

Much love my friends!

Robyn and the Gentle Healing team



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